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The Public Education Fund is raising Money for a
Video Distribution System (VDS) to benefit South Windsor High School

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How would the high school use the video distribution system?


South Windsor Public Education Fund
Gifts of $70,738 in Grants from Inception

2006 – June, 2014

$37,000 for the special project at SWHS
purchasing a Video Distribution System

Timothy Edwards Middle School
Total: $15,172

David Anderson: $150 “Project Excel”
Kristin Heckt: $250 “Science Olympiad” Award:
Dina Keleher and Susan Tandy:Program: $750 “Jump Start” mentoring program
Steve Anderson: $4000 for Phases I and II of the World Drumming Program
Emily Murphy: $1000 for the Jump Start Mentoring Program.
Nancy Simison: $1770 for a Soundfield System installed in Alt 6.
Gino Gaucher: $1762 for a Smart Board for the 7th grade Science Dept.
Jennifer Baker: $1360 for CPR/AED staff training.
Sarah Malinoski and Catherine Drury: $2130 Kindle Books
Alyssa Gwinnell: $2000 for Smart Board Response Cards

South Windsor High School
Total $26,541

plus special project: $37,000

Ann Wolff: $2000 “Safety Town Consumer Town” pres-school awareness program .
Earth Sciences Classes: $1683: Turning Point Response Card Technology
Deb Field and Janet Belval: $5000 for a Green Roof Project
Innovation Team led by David Olio and Ed Duclos: $300 from SWPEF and $3700 from the
SWHS-IF for the 21st Century Classroom, total $4000.
Matt Epler and Donna Lynch: $2000 for Smart Slate
Matt Epler: $3196 for 1 SMART Auto Response PE and 3 SMART Auto Response receivers
Matt Epler: $1047 for 3 SMART Slates
Matt Epler: $2000 for training for the Math Department on SMART Auto Response
Joshua Kraus: $3000 for SMART Response PE Better Clickers
Barbara Laurain: $1325 for Unified Theatre program
Deb Field: $4990 for Design in Nature Field Study Pilot Program

Eli Terry Elementary:
Total $4,000

Dana Vitterito: $2000 for POP literacy kits
Maura Buyak: $2000 for Kindles for Kids grades 3-5

Wapping Elementary:
Total $3710

Sue Grenier: $210 Rocks and Minerals Program
Rebecca Paauwe: $1000 for an Outdoor Classroom for Children with Autism.
Laura Hickson: $2500 for 5 day in-school drama and literacy residencies
Kim Lavado: $3500 for Reading Intervention support equipment for a portable SmartBoard

Orchard Hill School:
Total $5590

Laura Bosak: $750 “Wolf Talk”
Barbara Johnson and Kelly Smagacz: $540 “Smart Talk”
Rebecca McCoy: $1250 Wechsler Individual Achievement Test
Vicky Parent and Kelly Smagacz: $2550 for 2 Soundfield Systems
Sandra Charbonneau $500 Reading Fur Fun

South Windsor School District:
Total $3500

Dr. Mary Murray: $1500 Program: “Literature for the Multi-Cultural Learner”
Nicole Papa: $2000 for Parents as Educational Partners-English Language Learners

Pleasant Valley School:
Total $4025

MaryAnn McAndrew: $1200, “Connection to Literacy through Drama with Hartford Stage”
Debra Beveridge and Nancy Peck for 5 website license for Fast ForWord
Mary Ann McAndrew: $1300 for Lights, Camera, Action, working with camera obscura

Philip R. Smith School:
Total $4700

Julie Ratajczak and Nicole Long for Document Cameras and Smart Responders grades K and 1

Gifts of $9500 in Grants from 2007 -2010 SWHS:
Total $9500

Foreign Language Department:
$1000 International cable program

English Department:
$8500 e-portfolio and technology innovation program.